In Defense of Gail Riplinger: Exposing the marriage smear campaign has information advising readers to avoid the works of Riplinger based her marriage history.  The owner of the site has alleged documents of her marriage licenses and her divorces.  Whether the documents are real, I don’t know.  Whether she has been married more than once, I know not.  But from the documents, it is easy to see that the alleged divorces were, if documents are correct, due to physical abuse. is chock full of lies and propaganda.  The site proports to be in defense of Riplinger by mimicking her company’s web address.


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  1. Informed Researcher on

    Physical abuse, so called. Did you happen to read the statement from her second husband that said she was also abusive to him? The argument goes both ways. And since when is “abuse” a reason for divorce in Scripture? Did you happen to notice that she married her current husband less than TWO MONTHS after the divorce? Do you know what Proverbs warns about the husband who finds that his wife is cheating with another man? Do you know of the wrath of such a husband that is mentioned? Do you know why Scripture warns of such? Do you even take into consideration that her second husband found out that she was seeing another man, whom she married in little time? Or do you choose to see ONLY what YOU choose to see because it is convenient? You are falsely accusing the brethren by saying that is “chock full of lies and propaganda.” You even admit yourself: “Whether the documents are real, I don’t know.” Why don’t you check the documents for yourself by ordering copies from the courts where they are stored and answer your own question? It is not a “smear campaign” and by saying so, you are the liar. You would do best to make sure before you falsely accuse someone who presents truth.

    • Keith Whitlock on

      Mrs. Waite is a world class dingbat. Anyone who has listened to her or read her writings would instantly recognize that. She does not qoute Gail, only says that “she assured us”. I would not believe a word of hers against Gail.Dr. Waite’s doctrines are leavened with falsehood.
      Gail’s new book Hazardous Materials exposes the heresies in Dr. Waite’s and other psuedo KJV defenders writings.

  2. Informed Researcher on

    PS: You are such a mental midget and chicken you probably won’t post my comment since you remove all “negative” comments from your blogs. It’s interesting how, after a month and 14 days, you don’t even have any “positive” comments for this page. That’s because people are finding out that Gail Riplinger is a lying fraud out to take money off gullible people who choose not to do their own checking. She laughs all the way to the bank. You attack information that you admit you haven’t checked out on your own. Shame on you.

    • A Better Informed Researcher on

      One can only hope you’re without sin; what with all those stones you’re throwing about at others.

      • helene on

  3. Rashad Tatum on

    “It’s interesting how, after a month and 14 days, you don’t even have any “positive” comments for this page.”

    Classic Delphi technique. Your masters have taught you well, eh?

    It’s also interesting that you are the ONLY person other than myself to have commented on this article.

    Are you upset? We are exposing the lies and propaganda of the New World Order. You guys consistently spam my blog and my videos on YouTube.

    “You are such a mental midget and chicken you probably won’t post my comment since you remove all “negative” comments from your blogs.”

    Firstly, I don’t remove all negative comments from my blogs. I remove spam. The same info was copied and pasted into the comment forms using different monikers. It didn’t contribute to intelligent discussion. I have studied the translation issue, and you know it. That’s why you’re doing everything in your power to try to deceive me. I have news for you: your efforts are futile. There is a God who reigns in heaven and earth. He knows your works of darkness and you should repent.

    I stated the facts that were in the documents. I don’t have the funds to pay for the alleged documents. If you are so eager to prove your point, why don’t you prove the legitimacy of the documents.

    Look, I don’t know the full details of what happened in Riplinger’s past marriages. I do know that when men abuse women they are usually cheating on them. That is grounds for divorce.

    Besides, why don’t you debate the issues at hand? Riplinger is only one of many that’s exposing the New World Order’s connection to the bible versions. God is raising up an entire army of men who will defend the verbal plenary preservation of his holy word. Repent…before it’s too late.

  4. David on

    This is typical from the NWO, they never face the issue at hand; they instead attack the person who is bringing it up. They try to discredit the informant rather than facing the facts. I seeing this done over and over again.
    A similar campaigned occurred with John Todd a former member of the Illuminati who decided to expose the NWO.
    Facts are facts despite of what these people went through.

  5. J. Smith on

    God’s own know the Voice of the Shepherd. Many now who mock the traditional text preserved by God will come to know the truth in time. Others though who are moved to aggressively attack God’s preserved Word are no different than the Counter-Reformation Jesuits whom historian J. A. Wylie referred to as the “dark army.” That army still exists and is still mightily influence by the spirit of disobedience. May they see the truth – and value the truth – in time.

    “Now it is high time to awake out of sleep.” – Rom. 13:11

  6. Rashad Tatum on


    That is true. The NWO viciously attacks the preserved word of the Lord because it is diametrically opposed to their agenda. Jesus is God and the New World Order hates it. The NWO is ultimately a religious system designed to steer people away from the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  7. David on

    I wish some one will dispute Mrs Riplinger’s findings rather than attack her person.

    I don’t think any one can.
    Just remember, that a loser on a debate concerning this issue will grant Riplinger more credibility, so their tactics is to discredit her instead. This is so old and lame.
    this people have to do better than that!

    By the way, does any one know how I can purchase a case of her books to give to churches?

    • chris on

      i love the truth and GAIL is telling it the devil dont like IT. I LOVE HER AND MAY GOD ALL MIGHT BLESS HER

  8. Rashad Tatum on


    If you go to and then select Riplinger KJV Materials from the drop down menu, you should see Riplinger’s bulk prices.

    Thanks for your comments also.

  9. Scott Ray on


    Quit arguing!

    Does any one care how many people are going striaght to Hell right now?

    You all been Soul Winning today?

    You all go street preaching this week?

    When will all these people who attack Ruckman, and Riplinger get it?

    When you all get to the point you all can stand up and do something for God on your own, You can
    let someone attack you!

    Shut your stinking mouths, and do what God called you to do, be witnesses for God, and do some suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. David on

    Thanks Rashad!

  11. david1057 on

    Who is arguing?

    And what about all of those who will go straight to hell because of the faulty new age bible translations. What about them?

    • Jenelle on


      • chris on

        kkkkkkkkkkkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjvvvvvvvvvvvv yes

  12. Rashad Tatum on


    Your comment is irrelevant to the topic of this post.

  13. david1057 on

    Can you please explain how is irrelevant, when I am addressing Scott Ray’s comment?

    If my response to him is irrelevant, then so is his comment; and I don’t see you addressing the fact of what I commented to him.

  14. Rashad Tatum on

    Ah, ok. I didn’t realize you were responding to Scott Ray’s comment.

    Additionally, Scott Ray seems to be belittling the issue of the bible translation issue. So to Scott Ray, I say read Riplinger’s works and watch Action Sixties on Google Video.

    I posted this blog post to counteract the disinformation published about Dr. Gail Riplinger. I don’t, however, wish to debate anyone on the comments of this page on the translation issue (there are forums and other blog posts for that).

  15. david1057 on

    Scott Ray basically says, that there is a lot of people going to hell right now and that no one cares & that all we’re doing is arguing.

    We care, & this is the reason why we want people to know about the new age bible translations, so they won’t be deceived into hell by following a new age bible rather than the only Holy Word of God the KJV.

    How many Holy Words God has?

    There is only one for the English speaking people and that is the authorized KJV bible.

  16. Ann Marie on

    KJV onlyism is ridiculous. Why don’t they defend the apocrypha since it was included in the original KJV, but has since been removed? I suppose that all foreign language translations would have to be redone due to the false presupposition that the KJV version is the only holy version of the Bible and foreign translations were mainly translated from different versions. Ridiculous claims.

    • Jenelle on

      The apocrypha was not considered Scripture by the translators of the KJB.

      Foreign translations were not translated mainly from different versions. The modern Protestant perversions are a recent occurrence – they are translated from the corrupt manuscripts that the Catholic “church” has used. The Catholic “church” has infiltrated the mainstream church. Which manuscripts should be used – those from Antioch or those from Egypt?

  17. Rashad Tatum on

    The Apocrypha was included for historical purposes only. It was not considered to be a part of the canon.

    All foreign translations that are based on Dynamic Equivalency instead of Formal Equivalency and/or based on corrupt manuscripts should be redone.

    It’s not ridiculous to defend to the preservation of God’s holy word.

    • Jenelle on

      Amen, brother!

  18. Informed Researcher on

    David, if you really cared about God’s word the way you pretend to, you would know that Riplinger’s lifestyle is not suitable according to the word of God. No one is “attacking her person.” You falsely accuse those who have checked into your little false teacher, yet you don’t even care to know whether she is pure or not. Paul the Apostle outed those who were breaking God’s law–especially those who were leaders. Don’t talk about “the facts” when you haven’t bothered to see what the facts are. Riplinger is an adulteress, whether you like to hear that or not. Even a pastor cannot get away with more than one wife, by scriptural standards, and Riplinger, a woman, is supposed to be SILENT in church and not to teach in the church. Adultery is adultery, no matter WHO is doing it. You need to check out some of the videos she sells. She has spoken in many church pulpits, teaching and having authority over men in the congregation. She is a divorced woman who cheated on her second husband with the man she is currently married to. She has disqualified herself. And she LIED to DA Waite’s wife, denying her (documented, proveable) divorces, when Mrs. Waite asked her if she had been married before. If you think adultery is not a big deal for someone posing as a Christian leader, then why don’t you strike it out of your KJV (all the many references to it) and just admit that you only believe the Bible when it suits your beliefs.

  19. Rashad Tatum on

    “Informed Researcher”,

    Read Riplinger’s reply to David Cloud concerning whether she should have written her books.

    P.S. I’m still waiting for your apology concerning me deleting opposing views.

  20. howard johnson on

    God saved my brother in law while I was watching a Gail Riplinger video. I love her book and it has been a blessing to my family. Without chairity you are just making noise. The tree is known by its fruit. I praise God for Gail and her hard work and her book has strengthened my faith in the Word. Praise the Lord. Jesus Saves.

  21. Tom on

    I also, have found Gail Riplinger to be a Fraud.
    I compared some of what she had to share with the new Bible translations and I found may lies.
    Also, in comparing the new translations to the Greek the newer Bibles are more correct.
    I think the NKJV, NASB, NIV and some others are excellent. There are some that are only
    a paraphrase and that is what they are like the NLT. There are some that are not Bible’s like the
    Morman’s, JW’s and other false cults.

    When Gail got married to her 3rd husband both previous husbands where alive. How about her getting
    married 2 months just after she divorced her 2nd husband.

    • Jenelle on

      There is no such thing as “the Greek.” There are many manuscripts. Which group are the newer “Bibles” translated from – Antioch or Egypt? They are from the corrupt minority Egyptian manuscripts.

  22. Rashad Tatum on


    First, you are off-topic. The blog post is concerning her alleged past marriages. With that said, you are using ad hominem attacks against Gail Riplinger as evident by your sly mention of Gail’s alleged marriages. Address the issues. Gail is not the only person who defends the Authorized Version. The fact is that Illuminati shills and conceited brethren cannot stop the power and promise of the LORD to preserve his words forever. (The Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists, and Jesuits deceive men of God into accepting false translations. Conceited brethren unwittingly advance the spread of Satan’s leaven by defending modern translations even though there is a mountain of evidence testifying against them.)

    Which Greek bible did you use? Not all Greek manuscripts agree and not all are accurate. Many scholars in support of modern translations use a Greek text based on the Westcott & Hort Greek New Testament.

    Tom, Mormons use the KJV but they also follow The Book of Mormon. The underlying texts of the Jehovah Witness Bible and other modern translations have the same corrupt foundation.

    • Darrell on

      Yes, you are correct that many scholars use the Greek texts based on the corrupt Westcott/Hort Greek NT. Extremely difficult to find a Greek NT not influenced by those two charlatans.

  23. Warrior of God on

    “That’s because people are finding out that Gail Riplinger is a lying fraud out to take money off gullible people who choose not to do their own checking. She laughs all the way to the bank.”
    Informed Researcher on May 22, 2008


    I expect greed is not her only motivation, and probably her least sinister purpose. She is only one of an army of wicked enemies of God and all true Christians. Their end will not be pretty and is likely not far off now.

  24. Rashad Tatum on

    @ Warrior of God

    LOL. You and Informed Researcher (rather Misinformed Researcher) are such mental midgets. Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, IBS, and others make FAR more money than Riplinger. You assume just because people you disagree with make a living off their work that they automatically are greedy. Fools. Maybe you should stop making a living because it’s obvious you are in it for the money (*satire*). Why don’t address false teachers like Todd Bentley, T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and the numerous false translators, some of which are involved in occult activities, that are looting people for their money? Just ignore the facts just like Americans ignore the truth about the economy. You mental midgets are all the same. You use ad hominem attacks against people who present information that you don’t understand and despise. Take some of time out of your cubicle, reject the slavery of the New World Order, and do some real research.

    • Damon on

      Please do not be alarmed or dismayed, because God knows what is in every individual’s heart, and deceit will not cover sins and cannot be hidden from the eyes of God. God’s Son was His Perfect Example to the world, and I don’t see His commandments being followed very often these days. Few “preachers” teach anymore. They orate, dictate, judge, and collect their money, and if you question their authority, they simply call you a false prophet or worse. Jesus taught people and answered their questions, but never once (in any Bible translation that is known to man) did He pass a hat, plate, or bucket to collect money. He fed thousands for free, made the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and raised the dead. He told His disciples to go and teach others, but not to worry about clothes, shoes, or money, because He would provide for them, just as He will provide for His elect. Yet, people of today hate their enemies, lie, cheat, steal, kill their unborn children, fornicate, adulterate, marry the same gender, pursue monetary gain with a vengeance, etc., but they give little thought to God’s Plan in so doing. Religion today has evolved into big business and big money, and few seem to realize that God doesn’t sell tickets to Heaven, He saves souls through His Son.

      People today serve their god of money rather than God the Creator. It is pretty clear from Matthew 24 that even the elect is at risk of being deceived by individuals who claim to be working for God and are extremely persuasive but are workers of iniquity. They don’t even bother to practice what they preach, and if they disagree with God’s Word, they just change it to suit their needs; they continually interpret, quote, and spin verses, but they miss the messages altogether. It is similar to telling a white lie, telling it often enough, to enough people, and eventually it begins to contain what is perceived to be an element of truth, which eventually becomes a partial truth, which is ultimately accepted as truthful information.

      People spend their lives claiming that the Wisdom of God is contained in only 66 books, when the Apostle John clearly stated that all the good things that Jesus did, while He was here on the earth, couldn’t be contained in all the books of the world, but His Father’s Word is confined to 66 books by some, 73 by others, while still others use what is claimed to be newly inspired books, but few seem to follow what any teaches. God gave us a plan, and that plan will be revealed to all nations of the world, but many will not accept it, because they read but don’t understand, see but don’t perceive, and listen but don’t hear. In John 14, Jesus clearly said that whatever you ask in my name, I will do, but few seem to believe or understand what He said, which is no different than when He was physically present.

      It saddens me greatly to see what mankind has become, and what is even more astonishing is that the worst attributes of mankind are yet to be exposed, and from what I can ascertain, only God is able to wake them from their persistent slumber. The day of reckoning will one day become a day of reality, and that, my friends, will render opinions and philosophies irrelevant, and the punishment or reward will be eternal. Carnal death is not the end of life. It is only the beginning of a life eternal, and the infallibility of man will be rendered fallible.

  25. Luke on

    I have no idea who any of you are.

    What does it matter whether someone was divorced in the past? It’s a sin. Yes. I doubt anyone here has never sinned. But regardless of her sin, how does her sin in the past negate the FACTS in her books.

    It’s like saying all Ferrari’s are bad cars because you drove one with a flat tire.

    Her books are good, and full of FACTS, despite anything in her past. Ditto for Dr. Ruckman.

    God bless them (and keep blessing them, until all the enemies of the word SHUT UP)

  26. Dale on

    I find it interesting that people are accusing others of ad hominem towards GAR.
    Oh, well.

    I am opposed to Ad Hominem. But if you want to see someone take serious research and shred NABV to bits, read James White’s book The King James Only Controversy.

    Whether or not Riplinger has been married and divorced before (and she has, just look up the documents) does not make the KJVO position right or wrong. What makes it wrong are the facts.

  27. Charles W. on

    It is so sad that Christianity is what always suffers when one of its leaders will not hold up the standard that should be set before the lost world…

    It is so sad that Christianity is what always suffers when two sets of infantile Christians argue over doctrinal issues of the day.

    I do not find anywhere in scripture that we should excuse being divorced.
    However; if she has admitted her sin then we should forgive her.

    Being divorced is a horrible thing and if you speak to those that have been through it, you will see a lot of scars all over those involved in the divorce. I am talking deep scars that bring tears in the night watches where only God see’s. We should not pick at those scars and treat that person as if they were not Christian just because we disagree with them on an issue.

    What lost man would want to be joined to those who will only forgive if you agree with everything they say, do and read?

    I find nowhere in scripture where it is ok to misquote and exaggerate on an issue. That goes for both sides. Both sides have lied about each other and that is what Satan wants.

    I do not find anywhere in scripture where being divorced disqualifies you from being a Christian.

    I do not find anywhere in scripture where being divorces disqualifies you from researching and writing a book.

    I do not find anywhere in scripture that being divorced disqualifies you from being convinced about the Received Text v/s Westcott and Hort Text.

    That being said:
    I believe the fact that this debate is so mentally and spiritually violent shows that it is a battle between the Word of God and the subtlety of Satan. One side has the Word of God and the other has the subtlety of Satan all over it.
    The scripture tells us to prove all things.

    1 question will answer this debate. Before I ask it let me fist ask 2 as a set up.

    1. Where was the Word of God before Westcott and Hort.?

    2. If it was hidden, missing, stuck in a cave or whatever does that mean the church did not have the true Word of God for 1500 years?

    This is the bottom line of it all.
    Did God promise to have his Word available for all man kind?

  28. Morgan Sorensen on

    Rashad Tatum,
    God bless you for your defense of Gail Riplinger! I am a 62 year old missionary/Bible prophecy teacher, and just recently saw her on a video, she is amazing in her detailed knowledge of Bible History and the text itself. If you visit my website, you will see that my Book “None Dare Call It Deception”, which deals a little bit on the historic issue of Bibles, but is really a doctrinal treatise on the first ressurrection and it’s seven different orders, and refutes the “new age” pre-trib theory, and is also comming under attack by these same “new agers”. I have had e-mail dicussions with James White,(a pathetic liar) and defended Gail in that exchange. It is amazing How these ministers of Satan,masquerading as christians, come “out of the wood work” so to speak, to attack those who’s heart is with God. Keep up the good work and God bless strengthen and keep you.
    And God bless Gail, I hope one day to meet her

    Morgan Sorensen

  29. Scott Ray on

    To all of you, I may have seemed out of turn. I am
    King James Only. I believe none of these new ager books that call themselves bible, are the true word of God. There is one language we speak, English. Right? How many Bible do we need for ONE language? ONE! And we already have it: The King James Bible.

    Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Perfect, Preserved, Preferred.

    • Rashad Tatum on contains good information about bible versions but it also contains information advocating the false doctrine of dispensationalism.

  30. Antipope on

    It amazes me that so many can not see the blatant Jesuitism in these pathetic ungodly attacks against Gail Riplinger. Was her first husband unfaithful? Did her second husband leave her? No one is perfect, but one thing I do know is that Gail Riplinger’s research is second to none. Her courage and commitment to telling the truth no matter what the cost is inspiring. I always wondered why new bible version readers were sevenfold the children of hell than even the worst of the unsaved. After reading Gail’s books I understand why.

  31. Scott Ray on

    God is a Dispensationalist. Have you not read Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 1-2. How can something by God be made, them in the next verse be without form and void?

  32. Bubba on

    I’m a king James Bible-only man myself.
    Mrs. Riplinger’s life is only my business in that I’m obligated to pray for other Christians. Other than that, any speculation on my part would be the same as being a ‘busybody,’a thing that the new testament says not to do.
    Like any scholar, she makes mistakes. All scholars do.

    I can only give my reasons for reading only the Authorized:
    1. Slavery is not from God. Most, if not all, modern perversions have the word slave defiling every other chapter of the Bible.
    The KJV only has the word ‘slave’ in it twice, with nothing good said about being a slave either time(see Jeremiah, Revelation).
    2.Luke 2 states that Jesus’ birth is ‘good tidings of great joy which shall be to ALL people.
    Luke 2: 14: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. The KJV includes all people in these verses, whereas modern perversions limit God’s good will to certain people, or worse REPLACE GOD’S GOOD WILL WITH MAN’S GOOD WILL. Good will is in other parts of the king James new testament.
    3. Some of our own english words are from Greek words, others from Latin. It isn’t going to mean any thing different now than it did in 1782, 1611, 1500, 611, or 33A.D.
    4. It’s too late now to even bother looking for ‘originals,’ the original meaning, or a more accurate rendering. Historic Christian belief in Jesus’ incarnation and deity have been standardized for centuries.
    5. It makes no sense to put the Greek meaning into the Greek meaning.
    6. Greek and Hebrew do not control the mouth of God.
    7. I do not need to know Greek to understand that Jesus is The God of Israel. I get the same info out of the new testament that a Christian scholar of Greek can.
    8. The KJV is not sectarian and has no denominational bias. The words ‘catholic,’ and ‘protestant’ aren’t in there. And nothing in the KJV commands me to be against either one.
    9. The word ‘liberal’ is in the KJV: Proverbs, Isaiah, and 2 Corinthians.
    10. Jesus promised that his word shall not pass away. The so-called originals are gone. Jesus’ Gospel is not gone.
    11. History writers, and ‘translators’ do not decide what Jesus speaks. They do not decide Bible truth.
    History writers get facts wrong 90 percent of the time.

    I don’t believe that malice was involved in the making of the incorrect modern Bibles in every single case.

    I do agree with Riplinger that Westcott, Hort, Liddell, Kittel deliberately set out to re-write scripture.

    As to the Jesuits and the church of Rome, blame a pope named Damasus, and others who altered Jerome’s Bible translation. Most of Jerome’s real translating work suffered alterations, hence the apocrypha. (Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith).

    The Roman church could only lay the foundations for Bible scholarship, and was not able to finish(see Luke 14).
    Because criminals like king Ferdinand, Arian cults, saint-cults,Torquemada, Henry VIII, and Bernard Gui infiltrated the church, it opened up Christendom for slander that persists today.

    Because I read only the KJV, I do not get my information about the catholic church from Luther or Alex Hislop, or even Gail Riplinger. It is wrong to slander protestants too. Which is why I don’t do it to Riplinger.

    History has been falsified more than once.
    Anti-Christian and anti-KJV scholars wish for all of Christendom to hate one another.

    I do not care ‘how old’ The Bible is. It’s too late to care about that now. It’s a miracle that we’ve got a Bible. If someone had told me that a Catholic or a Jewish scholar had translated it, I wouldn’t be insulted. I do care that it calls Jesus The Saviour of the whole world, which includes me and my loved ones.

  33. jack nause on

    Gail Riplingers views are indefensible as is the idea that the kjv is the only Bible. That is romanism and dark ages plain and simple. Gail Riplinger is disqualified as a servant, not because of her repeated marriages, but because she lies in her books. She literally makes facts up, makes quotes up, and is a liar pure and simple. The idea that any one of spiritual maturity and knowledge would debate the issue based on her books is mind numbing. Bart Erham is advancing his books, the secular world releases movies attacking the historical Jesus, and the evangelical community is fighting over Bible translations? How Pathetic.I am 65 years old. I have been a Christian since I have been 13. I have read the entire kjv,niv,namsb,much of the new net Bible. I have never seen anything new age in them. They all teach the deity of Jesus, His blood atonement, bodily resurrection, salvation by faith, virgin birth, bodily return. So why not prepare to engage and witness to the real enemy?

    • Jenelle on

      Satan always mixed truth with error. You need to compare the verses that Satan has corrupted in the new perversions with the kJB. Satan left truth in the new perversions in order to deceive. He does his best work in “churches.” Look it up and you can find lists of the verses that Satan has changed which indeed do corrupt the truths you have listed.

  34. Rashad Tatum on

    So Jack,tell me are bible versions equivalent? Have you read Riplinger’s books?

  35. Rashad Tatum on

    Jack, ask any biblical creationist and he will tell you that you are wrong about all versions teaching the same. It seems to me that you either a) Haven’t really compared the versions or b) you are trying to be deceptive.

  36. DET on

    Rashad Tatum: “I stated the facts that were in the documents. I don’t have the funds to pay for the alleged documents. If you are so eager to prove your point, why don’t you prove the legitimacy of the documents.”

    Sorry about your financial situation, Rashad. From what I’ve been able to tell, most of these documents cost all of a dollar or two each. Maybe you can pass around the hat . . .

    • Rashad Tatum on

      You do realize that I posted that comment over a year ago right?

  37. Yin Sayne on

    Even her King James Only good friend Yvonne Riplinger has woken up finally:

    So get over it.

  38. Rashad Tatum on

    Hey Yin, notice that I didn’t say whether Riplinger had remarried. I stated that I don’t know, which is the truth. I have read Yvonne Waite’s document, but I will have to wait until I get evidence before I accept it as fact. Regardless of the outcome, the information presented in New Age Bible versions and In Awe of Thy Word is still accurate.

  39. Rashad Tatum on

    Further, the website tries to explicitly tie the defense of the King James Bible to Riplinger’s alleged marriages. What folly! There were many before her that defended the word of God.

  40. Keith Whitlock on

    Can we have specifics regarding Gail Riplinger’s errors in her new Nicolaitan ulcer-maker book, Hazardous Materials Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers? I have checked out maybe a hundred qoutes. They are ALL in context and they are ALL accurate. I did find a few inconsequential typos. The information contained therein is priceless!
    Her new book is the DEATH-BLOW to Nicolaitan Greekspeak!
    Praise God and may God richly bless the Riplingers for their much needed labor of love.

  41. Maurice on

    Romans ch.3-23,24 say’s for all have sinned,and come short of the glory of god;and sence it’s god who forgives or condems who are we. we must contend for our faith and we as beleivers in christ must call those out in the name of jesus who pervert this word of truth and thats what she has done gods word speaks for itself we dont have to argue and call names read first kings ch.18,v.21-39 god will show who his chosen people are let them lie and spread mess for they will bow before the lord of lords and the king of kings and give an account of every word that they took away are added to gods holy word.

  42. SnoopySox on

    Rashad wrote: “Hey Yin, notice that I didn’t say whether Riplinger had remarried. I stated that I don’t know, which is the truth. I have read Yvonne Waite’s document, but I will have to wait until I get evidence before I accept it as fact.”

    Hey, Rashad, so how long do you plan to “wait until [you] get evidence”? Are you waiting for it to fall out of the sky or maybe for God to write it IN the sky for you?

  43. concerned on

    I agree with the person that suggested someone give some examples of the “lies” in Ripplinger’s book. This debate is really frustrating because if she is correct then we, as Christians, need to be very careful of how we are leading those that might come to Christ.If we lead someone to Christ then we are also supposed to help them grow in the faith, look out for their spiritual growth. We would not want them to try to also lead people to Christ with the wrong information (from a Bible version that is not correct). This is really serious stuff, and maybe only by praying that God will reveal to us through the Holy Spirit what is correct we will get the answer. God is always faithful that way, isn’t he? By the way, does anyone refute that the King James Bible is not correct? That it is not 100% correct. If not, then why not just be on the safe side and use it. Better to err on the side of caution I would think.

  44. Flora on

    It is not so much the two previous marriages, but the public denial of the divorces to Mrs Waite which is more upsetting. For many years Dr Riplinger has deplored the “lying lips” of modern version translations, so it is disappointing to see that she has failed to live up to her high ideals by lying about her previous two marriages. It is so ironic and makes you question if this denial is the fruit of KJV-Only reading, what good has it done?

    The whole KJV-Only controversy is a straw man it seems and therefore a non-issue. This latest episode concerning Dr Riplinger has highlighted the fact that it is Jesus-Only and not KJV-Only which produces true holines in the life of a believer.

    I used to be a supporter of Dr Riplinger and KJV-Only, but I laid it all to rest as I saw so much bad fruit from it.

    “There are two ways to be fooled: One is to believe what isn’t so; the other is to refuse to believe what is so.” – Soren Kierkegaard

  45. Greg Miller on

    Has Gail Riplinger’s sex life, married life or other sins changed the FACTS that she presents in her books?

    I appreciate any error pointed out in her works (and there have been a scant few authentic errors pointed out). It helps me in making sure that I only use the THOUSANDS of TRUE statements of fact that she has produced for the true body of Christ.

    I’m glad no one ripped out Psalms due to David’s murdering of Uriah so he could have sex with Uriah’s wife and then go on to marry a harem full of women.

    I’m glad no one ripped Proverbs and Song of Solomon out of the Bible due to Solomon’s rank idolatry as he built satanic shrines and altars and took part in the idolatry with his pagan wives.

    God bless Gail for her hard work and may she live long and prosper, in Jesus.

  46. chris on

    I love Gail for the truth she has put out in her books. and as for her divorce thats to her and GOD. who out there can cast the first stone ? may GOD bless her, satan hates all of us and we all need to wake up. CHRIS

  47. Rob Illman on

    youtube Mike Hoggard
    youtube Pastor Lawson

    youtube skull and bones masonic satanic cult
    when will people wake up
    THE 1611 kjv is the LIVING WORD OF GOD


    READ Psalm chapter two all you mason Liars READ psalm chapter two
    you skull and bones bush boys WHO DID 9 11

  48. carol chung on

    Her research seemed genuine and authentic to me when I first listened to her for the first time; It still does to me today. God does not always pick the cleanest people in the world to send out for his mission, but he will get the job done through them. It’s not for us to judge “other’s” servants. Let’s stop feeding the devil. In Christ who’ll come shortly.

  49. Rose on

    We are all sinners. Who are we to judge anyone. That is to be left to God and not us. No one knows the truth about Gail and that is between God and she, not us and she. Even when Jesus picked the disciples they sinned against Jesus even when they were with Him and beyond. They had no faith in Him even though they saw His miracles. They still questioned. So who are we to question this woman. Leave her Jesus to do it and to let the Holy Spirit convict her. Those who have not sinned, throw the first stone at her or anyone. I rest my thoughts.

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